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United Arab Emirates Latest Jobs Apply Online

United Arab Emirates Latest Jobs Apply Online

The United Arab Emirates is renowned for its modern cities, opulent lifestyles, and iconic landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa. It presents a multitude of employment prospects for individuals aspiring to excel in their careers and achieve financial success. With a flourishing economy and a wide range of industries, the UAE has emerged as a global magnet for professionals. The oil and gas sector, a crucial pillar of the nation’s economy, drives much of the job market. Furthermore.

United Arab Emirates Latest Jobs Apply Online

The UAE has made substantial investments in sectors like finance, tourism, real estate, technology, and healthcare, thereby generating an extensive array of job opportunities. Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the country’s largest cities, host numerous multinational corporations and provide a wealth of positions across various fields. Whether you’re a finance expert, a hospitality professional, an engineer, or an IT specialist, there are openings tailored to diverse skill sets and qualifications. Additionally, the absence of income tax in the UAE, along with its world-class infrastructure, makes it an enticing destination for expatriates seeking to maximize their earnings and enjoy a superior quality of life. As the UAE continues to thrive and diversify its economy, the job market remains vibrant and promising, attracting talented individuals from every corner of the globe.


Finance Officer (Revenue)
Company: Fly Dubai
Location: UAE
Employment Type: Full Time

Job Summary:

Fly Dubai is seeking a Finance Officer to oversee the accounting of revenue and manage the reconciliation and settlement of accounts with travel agents and other airline partners.


Ensure accurate accounting of revenue in accordance with airline industry standards.
Handle reconciliation and settlement of accounts with travel agents and airline partners.
Monitor and analyze revenue data to identify discrepancies or trends.
Prepare financial reports and presentations related to revenue accounting.
Stay updated with industry regulations and best practices in revenue accounting.
Required Skills:

In-depth knowledge of airline revenue accounting procedures, especially in passenger and travel agent reconciliations.
If you are a detail-oriented finance professional with expertise in airline revenue accounting and possess the required skills, we invite you to join our team at Fly Dubai.

Core Competencies:

Effective Communication: Enhance your communication skills to convey information clearly and actively listen, promoting strong and productive communication with others. This includes both verbal and written communication, ensuring that messages are delivered accurately and understood by all parties involved.

Attention to Detail and Quality: Develop a keen eye for detail and prioritize quality in your work. Paying meticulous attention to detail helps to maintain accuracy and ensures that tasks are completed to high standards, promoting excellence in all aspects of your work.

Analytical Skills and Critical Thinking: Foster the ability to analyze information, think critically, and make logical and informed decisions. Developing strong analytical skills enables you to evaluate data, identify patterns, and draw meaningful insights, leading to effective problem-solving and decision-making.

Interpersonal Skills: Cultivate your interpersonal skills to build positive relationships and effectively collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders. This involves active listening, empathy, teamwork, and the ability to adapt to different working styles, fostering a harmonious and inclusive work environment.

Problem-Solving and Decision-Making: Enhance your problem-solving abilities by approaching challenges with a proactive mindset. Develop the capacity to identify root causes, generate innovative solutions, and implement effective strategies. Additionally, improve your decision-making skills by considering various perspectives, evaluating risks and benefits, and making well-considered decisions.

By focusing on developing these core competencies, you will strengthen your professional capabilities and contribute to your personal and career growth.

Position: Sales Manager
Company: Al-Futtaim
Location: Dubai
Employment Type: Full Time

United Arab Emirates Latest Jobs Apply Online

Job Summary:

Al-Futtaim is currently seeking a Sales Manager to oversee all sales functions in adherence to the IKEA operating concept, encompassing activities within the assigned market. The primary objective of this role is to lead a sales team, provide guidance, and ensure the highest levels of profitability and growth in alignment with the company’s vision and values. The Sales Manager will be responsible for managing both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) segments, while coordinating various sales activities to drive success and maintain IKEA’s standards. United Arab Emirates Latest Jobs Apply Online


Lead and manage the sales team, providing guidance and support to achieve sales targets.
Develop and implement strategies to drive profitability and growth in line with company objectives.
Monitor market trends, customer preferences, and competitor activities to identify business opportunities.
Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure a seamless customer experience and adherence to IKEA’s operating concept.
Monitor sales performance, analyze data, and provide insights and recommendations for improvement.
Ensure compliance with company policies, standards, and procedures.

Proven experience as a Sales Manager or similar role, preferably in the retail industry.
Strong leadership and team management skills.
Excellent communication and negotiation abilities.
Knowledge of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) sales strategies.
Familiarity with the IKEA operating concept and customer-centric approach.
Proficiency in MS Office and CRM software.
Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or a related field.
If you are a motivated and experienced Sales Manager with a passion for driving sales growth, we invite you to join our team at Al-Futtaim.

Required Skills:

Brand Representation: Ability to represent the IKEA brand at the highest level, ensuring it is synonymous with affordable furniture in the local market.

Store Standards and Excellence: Strong attention to detail and commitment to maintaining store standards to provide an exceptional customer experience and uphold IKEA’s values.

Embracing Diversity: Create an inclusive environment where the values of IKEA are deeply embedded, embracing the diversity of co-workers and visitors.

Customer Engagement: Enthusiasm and genuine interest in home furnishings to engage customers effectively and provide exceptional service.

Merchandising and Sales Steering: Advanced knowledge and experience in merchandising techniques and sales steering to optimize sales and maximize profitability.

Strategic Planning: Ability to develop and implement strategic plans to drive sales growth and achieve targets.

Analytical Skills: Proficiency in analyzing sales data, market trends, and customer behavior to make data-driven decisions and identify opportunities for improvement.

Effective Communication: Strong communication skills to effectively interact with customers, co-workers, and stakeholders, ensuring clear and concise communication.

Proficiency in Excel: Strong proficiency in Microsoft Excel for data analysis, reporting, and creating business insights.

Flexibility in Working Hours: Willingness to work weekends, including opening and closing shifts, as part of the job requirements.

Department Manager Duties: Ability to perform the duties of a Department Manager (DM) to contribute to the smooth operation of the store.

If you possess these skills and are passionate about delivering an exceptional customer experience while representing the IKEA brand, we encourage you to apply for the Sales Manager position at Al-Futtaim.

Position: Accounts Manager
Location: Doha, Qatar

Job Description:

We are currently seeking an experienced Accounts Manager to join our team at a Money Exchange in Doha, Qatar. If you possess the necessary qualifications and relevant experience, we encourage you to apply for this position.

Responsibilities and Duties:

Ensure effective utilization of funds and maintain accurate bookkeeping, providing timely reports.
Authorize transactions, payments, and supervise accounts, receipts, and payments.
Forecast funding requirements accurately and reliably to meet financial objectives.
Prepare the annual company budget in accordance with the business plan and budget guidelines.
Implement cost containment and reduction measures within agreed timeframes.
Conduct risk assessments and develop strategies to mitigate risks, achieving business plan and budget goals.
Perform financial analysis and ABC analysis to optimize resource utilization, reviewing non-performing branches, products/services, and banking relationships.

Schedule expenditures, analyze variances, and take corrective actions when necessary.
If you possess strong financial management skills, a keen eye for detail, and the ability to effectively manage accounts, we would like to hear from you. Join our team as an Accounts Manager at our Money Exchange in Doha, Qatar.

Position: Accountant

Location: Al Khor, Qatar

Roles & Responsibilities:

Post invoices in the ERP system after conducting necessary verification.
Ensure compliance with internal control measures according to approved policies and procedures.
Coordinate with Store Managers to ensure timely submission of stock movement reports for verification and recording in the Financial General Ledger on a monthly basis.
Identify and tag fixed assets accurately.
Prepare financial reports.
Desired Candidate Profile:

Experience in the Manufacturing Industry at an entry level.
Familiarity with New Product Costing processes.
Proficiency in utilizing SAP for PP (Production Planning) and MM (Materials Management) modules.
If you are an experienced Accountant with knowledge of manufacturing industry practices and possess the required certifications, we invite you to apply for the Accountant position at our company in Al Khor, Qatar.

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